Positivity is the lighthouse on my life path

[Cover Story]Positivity is the lighthouse on my life path

I met a ‘supermode’l in Vegas. To be more precise, she faced a former celebrity. As a person with a glamorous past, the question anyone can easily ask is “Why did you quit?” … She’s probably been sick of hearing it. Kang’s reasons are refreshingly candid. “I grew tired of the relentless demands of dieting, my health deteriorated, and societal pressures to marry weighed on me. I yearned for a profession where I could hone my skills long-term, leading me to the U.S. to embrace new challenges.”

Transitioning from the glitz of the fashion world to the helm of Beauty Clinic as its CEO, Kang’s journey was far from conventional. Beginning in LA, he immersed himself in the world of modeling before relocating to New York, driven by the realization that only licenses obtained in New York were transferable to Korea. Delving into skincare initially, Kang’s quest for deeper healing led him to pursue a graduate degree in oriental medicine, acknowledging the intrinsic connection between external symptoms and internal well-being.

Armed with an array of certifications ranging from CIDESCO International Cosmetology to oriental medicine, Kang’s vision transcends conventional beauty practices. Embracing his holistic approach, he endeavored to merge oriental medicine with aesthetics, aspiring to be a therapist capable of nurturing both body and soul.

Venturing into the vibrant landscape of Las Vegas, Kang saw boundless opportunities to introduce his unique concept through BeautyCli. Recognizing the unfamiliarity of Chinese medicine in the U.S., Kang aims to offer services like acupuncture, natural healing, and Herbal Medicine-Weightloss programs. His unwavering ambition includes establishing an oriental medicine clinic, solidifying his position as an expert in oriental medicine beauty practices.

“A ‘healer’ for the weary and unwell,” Kang’s mission finds its first foothold in Vegas. Beyond enhancing beauty, his vision extends to providing therapeutic services. Kang envisions a future as a skilled healer, seamlessly blending the realms of beauty and wellness.


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