How to reduce the effect of sun damage

How to reduce the effect of sun damage


The sun’s rays can be very harmful to our skin as we all know. However, there is a way to reverse the effects. The first defense against UV rays is a high SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents damage to our skin from harmful UV rays. Reapplying it often is very important aspect of protecting our skin. But don’t you worry. There are ways to help reduce the damage to the skin even if you forget to use the sunscreen. Also you could make sunspots lighter. This could be done by using a beauty product on our skin.


We are always exposed to harmful UV rays regardless of the season and weather. UV rays can destroy our skin cells and cause skin aging. It can cause anywhere from hyperpigmentation to skin cancer. The slight exposure to the UV rays can damage our skin.

The Dermaesthetics protection line will protect our skin from UV rays damage. Also promote cellular regeneration with Stem Cell Technology (EGF). All by natural herbal products from Korea.

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