Beauticli, Great Healer Spread Oriental Medicine in America


Beauticli, Great Healer Spread Oriental Medicine in America

Q. Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is SUHEE KANG. I made my debut as a Korean supermodel and was active in the entertainment industry. I also once ran a party planning business. I am a beauty therapist in NY, and currently attending a graduate school of Oriental Medicine. I now run

Q. How did you come up with a new challenge?

I was so busy working as a model and running a party planning business. I was mentally and physically drained. I suddenly thought about having a job with professional expertise.

suheekangI was invited to lectures that talked about diet and skin care. I used to have a “SUHEE KANG and Well Being” travel deal package. And I was so fascinated by the field of beauty therapy. I decided one day to go to U.S. to learn more about beauty therapy.

Q. Why did you choose NYC?

I visited LA many times because of work. I loved the weather and people. But it was so hard to get around without driving a car. The reason why I came to NYC is because I can still use NY licenses in Korea. And all desired schools were located in NYC.

Q. What are you studying?

I got my international beauty therapy license (CIDESCO, ITEC), Esthetics license, and cosmetology license in NYC. I began to realize that any diseases can come from within our self and treating them from the inside out can help restore our health.

This is the reason why I started studying Oriental Medicine.

My body eventually became so weak due to work, diet, and stress. But studying and practicing what I have learned in schools made my body and mind healthy again. So I dreamed of helping others who are also mentally and physically sick.

Q. What is

It is the first step to give back what I have learned, and to dream of becoming a healer to help others. Many people around me ask me about how to get a better skin and how to lose weight. As a beauty therapist, I would like to introduce people to products I have used myself that you can trust, and I would like to share information regarding those products.

Q. What are your plans for future?

It is a Beauty and Clinic. Eventually, I would like to provide beauty in a clinic. I would like to help spread Oriental Medicine in America through Beauticli. I would also want to share with everyone how to recover from an illness naturally rather than taking any pharmaceutical medicines. I will not give up until I finish the Oriental Medicine School, and hopefully will become a great healer.

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